This section contains links to some of the resources we believe would be helpful to the Veterans who enroll in STEP-Home. The resources here complement the other resources we provide to our STEP-Home participants who enroll in our workshops.


Center for Returning Vaterans (OEF/OIF)

The Center for Returning Veterans (CRV) is a clinic that provides support for veterans who are struggling with readjustment challeneges and mental health needs after returning home from deployment. The CRV is often the first step to getting connected with the right providers and resources based on each person's specific needs. The CRV has a wide range of services available winthin the VA Boston Healthcare System. Our STEP-Home team would be happy to help you connect with a CRV staff member.


Whole Health

Whole Health is a new approach within VA healthcare to help Veterans take a more holistic look at their health. Whole Health is patient-centered and focuses on all aspects of a Veteran’s life that can affect health – work environment, relationships, diet, sleep patterns, and more. Whole Health peer partners work with Veterans to develop a personalized health plan based on an individual’s goals, needs, and values.

Our STEP-Home team believes that the Whole Health program can be a helpful tool for Veterans to feel more control of their health and be more satisfied with life after the military.



The VA is the leading expert on PTSD within the healthcare field. These links provide helpful information and resources on PTSD for Veterans and their families. Additionally, our STEP-Home staff can help Veterans get connected to PTSD-related care and resources as needed.